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Energy UA company specializes in assembling of switchboard equipment, for which the company provides a warantee and after-sales service. By providing a range of services, we help our customers to solve technical problems. We are making sure that every stage of production is carried out to our best practices, which is eventually transformed into the real benefit for the business of our customers.

The assembling of switchboard equipment is carried out according to tecnical documentations and specifications provided by the client. While assembling swithchboards according to the project, it is possible to make changes to the set configuration, as well as to assemble boards of any configuration, taking into account customer requests. Assembly of electrical boards is made by skilled stuff, using quality components and materials, which ensures its long operations, ease of maintenance and useage, protection of electrical equipment.

How do we work:

  • Step 1 Calculating the cost of the order

    After studing the project provided we are estimating the cost of an order.

  • Step 2 Negotiating details of the project and signing a contract

    Thoroughly checked specification is agreed with client. After that, mutual obligations are sealed with a contract.

  • Step 3 Manufacturing and testing final product

    Manufacturing a product according to the specification. After complition, every piece of equipment undergoes final testing.

  • Step 4 Warranty

    We provide long warranty for our products. We highly value our clients and the reputation of our company therefore deliver our best service.

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