Switch board equipment

EnergyUA company specializes in the essembly of switchboard equipment for both industrial and residential construction projects, energy infrastructure of up to 1 kV.

The production of switchboard equipment is carried out taking into account the characteristics of specific objects, using only high-quality materials and equipment from leading manufacturers. Every board is of high quality and reliability.

Switch boards

main low voltage switchboard - Energo UA

Main low voltage switchboard (MLVS)

Main low voltage switchboard – an electrotechnical device that designed to supply, account and distribute electricity.

distribution unit 0,4kV - Energo UA

Distribution unit 0,4kV

Розподільні пристрої (РУ) призначені для прийому, розподілу та обліку електричної енергії напругою 380/220 В трифазного змінного струму частотою 50-60 Гц

input distribution boards (IDS) - Energo UA

Input distribution boards (IDS)

Input distribution boards (IDS) – used in different sites for receiving and futher distributing electricity to local consumers.

Reactive power compensation pannel RPCP (KKU-0,4) - Energo UA

Reactive power compensation pannel RPCP (KKU-0,4)

Reactive power compensation pannel RPCP (KKU-0,4) – are meant to automatically compensate the reactive power of the consumer load in three-phase alternating current electric 0.4 kV chain and a frequency of 50 Hz.

Automatic transfer (change-over) switch (ATS) - Energo UA

Automatic transfer (change-over) switch (ATS)

Automatic transfer (change-over) switch (ATS) designed for uninterrupted power supply to consumers of electricity when the current power source is disconnected, by connecting to a backup power line.

Power distribution cabinets – Energo UA

Power distribution cabinets

Power distribution cabinets are used to receive and distribute electricity and protecting power lines against overloads and short-circuit currents in industrial devices.

Updating (repackaging) existing electrical panels

In addition to making new switchboards, we also have extensive experience in updating existing ones – the so-called repackaging. Using the photo and diagram of the old shield, we will calculate the cost of repacking the shield on any equipment at the request of the client.

Gallary of essmbled boards:

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