Reactive power compensation units (KKU-0.4)

Compensation units (KKU-0.4) are meant to automatically compensate the reactive power of the consumer load in three-phase alternating current electric 0.4 kV chain and a frequency of 50 Hz.

KKU depending on its capacity, are divided on wall and floor-mounted , and are installed in electrical switchboards.

Capacitor units allow continuous operation by increasing the effective voltage to 1.1 of the rated voltage and increasing the effective value of the current to 1.3 of the current received at the rated voltage and frequency, both by increasing the voltage and higher harmonics or both . We produce capacitor units that can operate in manual or automatic mode. Automatic activation (deactivation) of capacitors is provided by a controller with a predetermined time delay according to the reactive power value changes.

More about active and reactive energy:

In power networks are consumed two types of energy – active and reactive.

Active energy P (kW) – is the useful energy consumed by all sorts of devices such as lamps, heaters, computers, etc.

Reactive energy Q (kVAr) – exists in circits with where electric motors and transformer cores are used. This kind of equipments create reactive power which is leads to:

  • cable overloads;
  • additional power loss;
  • voltage drop;
  • power consumption increasing;
  • active power decreasing.

Therefore in circuits where there are electric motors or transformer cores it is recomended to install passive energy compensators ought to be compensated.

Compensators we have essamled:

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