Floor, flat switchboard

The floor switchboard is meant to receive, distribute and account power of 230V, protecting group lines of apartments against overloads and short circuits.

The purpose of floor boards is to receive and distribute electricity in three-phase networks with a voltage of 380 / 220V and a frequency of 50Hz. Also, the functions of the boards are to perform switching on and off power of group circuits, and to protect consumer lines from excessive overloads and short circuits.

The floor boards are designed for apartment-based distribution and metering of consumed electricity; protection of group consumption lines of apartments in case of overloads and short circuits; protection of people from electric shock; placing telephone, television radio equipment and other low-current networks. saves time.

The switchboard is intended for:

  • Reception of electricity from the central line;
  • Accounting electricity used;
  • Electricity distribution in residential apartments;
  • Protection against current leakage (through the installation of differential circuit breakers);
  • Surge protection;
  • Overload and short circuit protection;
  • Installations of various additional equipment, such as: sockets, staircase lighting control, etc.

Construction design:

Floor boards can be made of built-in and on wall mounted design, and installed permanently in niches on floor areas.

The Floor board body has a welded metal structure, divided by a partition into three compartments (metering, distribution and low-current), in which the equipment is installed in accordance with the purpose of the compartments. The accounting department is designed to install single-phase or three-phase power meters. The distribution panel of the Floor boards provides for the placement of circuit and differentiation breakers. Doors installed from the front provide access to the Floor board compartments. The metering compartment door is equipped with windows for monitoring meter readings, which are covered with transparent material.

Some photos of essembled qeuipments:

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