Input-distribution board (IDB)

Input-distribution units (IDB) is used in different sites for receiving and futher distributing electricity to local consumers. IDBs are also intended to protect network consumers from surges and short circuits. Using the control devices installed in the IDBs, energy consumption is measured and the correct distribution of the load on the network is monitored. At the request of the customer, electricity consumption meters can be installed either collectively or separate for each individual consumer. Basically, the production of IDB is carried out for the normal operation of the device when connected to a supply network with a voltage of 220 – 380V AC with a frequency of 50 – 60 Hz.

IDBs are a one-sided panel closed in a protective steel box, on which control, accounting and distribution automatic appliances are mounted. IDB can be one, two or multi-panel. If necessary, they are assembled in sections. Assembly of IDB can be carried out in floor or suspended execution.

Some of our IDBs:

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